Daily Dose of Coach # 240: 15 Minutes a Day

Yesterday I ran into an Instagram post of David Goggins doing push-ups in the airport. He said his goal was to do 1000 push-ups every day over the next 30 days. I guess if you're going to do that many push-ups in a month, you need to get them in where ever you can.

The point he was making is one I write about often. The use of, or the waste of, time. I have conversations with people all the time that say they don't have time to workout, eat better, read more, improve a skill or anything else that improves themselves.

Most of the time we're looking at it from too broad of a perspective. When we say, we don't have time to workout we are thinking of driving to a gym and dedicating ourselves to a workout program. When we say eating better, we think meal prepping all day Sunday and eating broccoli and chicken at every meal.

Instead, think of improvements in 15 minutes per day. Author Morten Hanson wrote about the power of dedicating 15 minutes a day to a skill. His research has proven it's the constant and brief efforts that count. The key to it is sticking to the "power of one."

You cannot master a skill if you're trying to do this with ten other things. Choose one. Hanson encourages everyone to ask themselves, "Which skill, if I improved, would lift my performance the most?" Then he says to focus on that skill for 15 minutes a day.

Whether its a skill to improve your health, nutrition or personal development, give this a try.

I bet you can carve out 15 minutes a day to walk, write down the foods you want to eat for the day, work on a weakness in a sports skill, stretch, read or anything else that could dramatically improve something you currently struggle with.

Goggins finished up his post saying, "No one cares if you succeed or fail, it's truly up to you. There are no tricks or shortcuts to any of this, it all comes down to self-discipline. It's you against your mind. Your mind will always tell you that you don't have time. The one thing we forget is that we are in charge of what we tell our minds, not that other way around."

What skill do you need to devote 15 minutes to every day?