Daily Dose of Coach #249: 5 Ways to Know Your Program is Working For You (Besides the Scale)

Many of my personal and online clients become obsessed with their scale.

But, the scale rarely tells the whole story. As you stand, staring at your feet in disappointment, there may be plenty of other breakthroughs that may currently in the works.

 Here are five ways you will know you are making positive changes that your scale might not be telling you.

1. You have more energy. Movement creates energy. Eating better creates energy. Your brief caffeine highs are being replaced by steady energy from your sound diet and drinking water.

2. Your clothes are fitting differently. Whether your goal is to make them looser or tighter, you begin to feel the difference. You don't have to struggle with pulling your pants up. It's just one smooth move. Or, maybe you tried on an old suit for the first time, cross your arms and feel like you back is going to bust out like the Hulk. That's muscle, a good thing and maybe time for a new suit jacket.

3. You feel more confident. This comes for two reasons. First, you are beginning to feel better about how you look. And eight to twelve weeks into your consistent program you'll be sure to start getting compliments from other people wishing they were as committed as you. Second, you are accomplishing something towards your health every day. Whether it's getting your workout in or eating well, you are performing goals you've set out to do. And there is nothing better for self-confidence than that.

4. You're getting stronger and gaining more endurance. You're waking up less sore. The weight you've been using all of a sudden feels lighter. You can add an extra set or new exercises for a greater challenge. Your range of motion through specific exercises are improving. You're recovering faster. Day to day activities is becoming easier like carrying the groceries, walking up stairs, or picking up your kids, or smashing a baseball.

5. You get mad and feel "off" when you miss a training day. It's become more of a lifestyle than a chore. When your routine is interrupted, you are not happy. You start planning ahead even more. If you travel, you make sure you have everything to keep your routine alive and well.

If you aren't seeing the mass (meaning weight) results you want to see, continue to focus on proper nutrition and consistent DAILY activity (whether it be training, more movement throughout the day, or just getting up and going for a walk in the morning or after dinner).

Don't measure everything by your scale. The journey of fitness and performance is packed with lots of different ways to get a win. Focus on wins and stay consistent.