Daily Dose of Coach #250: Think on This - Find Your People

"You will be too much for some people. Those aren't your people."

One of the first times I heard this advice was from a guy named Ryan Lee. He went from a personal trainer working crazy hours, at the point of burnout to a millionaire marketing specialist.

My Daily Dose of Coach was born out of his strategy of speaking to and providing valuable content to my clients, friends, and family, daily.

But you have to be okay that when you do things at certain levels, it's not for everyone. That goes for many different arenas. Lee said, if people unsubscribe to your list, they're not your people. And that's okay. My friend Charlie Weingroff likes to spin it by saying this; "The JV team plays on Thursday."

When I first started doing my emails I had a lot of people unsubscribe. And it pissed me off. As I look back on my old emails, I can see why they would. I didn't really know what I was doing, and they sucked.

But just like anything in life, it was narrowing down the list of people who I shared similar values and passions with. These are my people.

Anytime you start with a group of people; you can't expect everyone to follow. Especially if you set high expectations, speak in truth and are more interested in making progress rather than pleasing everyone.

Don't let people walking away get you discouraged. Keep believing, focusing and developing what you do. As you improve, you will attract more people who share the same values, mindsets, and beliefs.