Daily Dose of Coach #255: Think on This - Championship Mentality

"You will never have more of what you want until you become thankful for what you have." Michael Hyatt

In 2015 the Duke University basketball team won their fifth national championship. They weren't the front-runner in the tournament but had some extra motivation to pull it off.

Before the tournament started coach Mike Krzyzewski had each of his players and coaches write all the names of the people who helped them on a ball.

Coach K said, "We are going to have this ball all the way through this tournament, and would like for you to write on the ball the names of people who made it possible for you to be here."

They took the ball everywhere they went. They took it to team meals, passed it around on the plane, had it at practices, and always in their locker room.

After the team won the national championship, they sent a note to everyone on the ball saying, "Thanks. You were with us every step of the way."

To become a champion takes resiliency. Practicing gratitude helps improve this trait. It gives us hope, patience, and places us in a mindset of abundance.

Whenever you feel like something is not going well for you, think about someone who has helped you along the way. Even send them a quick thank you. This will shift your mindset from scarcity and fear to abundance and hope