Daily Dose of Coach #257: What Health Gives You

I grew up in an environment that wasn't conducive to health. As a family, I don't believe we even thought the food and lifestyle choices we were making could be detrimental. Not faulting them, this was never a value passed on by previous generations.

Because of this, I've witnessed lots of physical illness in people who I love and mean a lot to me. I'm 100% sure these ailments could have been avoided by just making better health choices.

 A lot of times it's up to one generation to break the mold of previous ones. This is one gift I want to give to my children. The gift of teaching them and being an example of good health.

In the book Today Matters , John Maxwell wrote, "You can escape from a lot of things that might hurt you. You can quit a hazardous job. You can move from one climate to another. You can stay away from someone who wants to harm you. But you can't get away from your body.

For as long as you live, you're stuck with it. If you make choices that cause you to be continually hurting or unhealthy, it will affect every aspect of your life-your heart, mind, and spirit.

Think about how hard it is to be positive, concentrate, or pray when you have a toothache. More serious conditions can be even more distracting!"

Health is a gift. Health is your ability to give the best version of yourself to the world, to your passions, to your family.

The healthier you are, the freer you are to be yourself. Do what you can today to preserve that freedom. This world deserves the best version of you.