Daily Dose of Coach: How to Lose 20 Pounds

I want to share with you the information from an infographic used by Precision Nutrition to show how to achieve any goal.

The infographic uses losing 20 pounds as the goal. From there it breaks the goal down into four skills that must be learned and utilized. The skills are Hunger/Appetite Awareness, Eat Whole Fresh Foods Consistently, Minimize Processed Carbs and Fats Consistently, and Systematically Plan Healthy Meals.

From there it moves to the practices to begin to master these skills:

-For Hunger and Appetite Awareness: Eat slowly, Eat until satisfied, not stuffed

-For Eat Whole Fresh Foods Consistently: Eat lean protein with each meal, Eat Five servings of produce a day.

-For Minimize Processed Carbs and Fats Consistently: Make smart carb choices, Eat healthy fats

-For Systematically Plan Healthy Meals: Plan meals in advance, track what you eat.

The process of losing 20 pounds is just like setting any other goal. You identify the skill then implement the practices.

Let me know how I can help you in developing these skills. Have a great day.