Daily Dose of Coach: Keep it Simple

In the Instagram age, there are plenty of so-called "trainers" who are happy to show you a bunch of cool exercises that can be categorized as complete wastes of time. A couple of days ago I had a young trainer ask me, "What makes your programs different?"

My answer was, "They're simple."

My goal with training is to get the most out of each session you possibly can with regards to achieving your goal. To do that you have to "nail it" every time. Meaning everything you do is done with intent and purpose.

It's hard to nail it when you are doing random things just because they look cool or someone thought it would be a good idea to add a BOSU ball to it.

I found this article about a year ago and saved it. It's called the Top Ten Best Exercises You Should Be Doing , by the Poliquin Group. They are effective, efficient, and simple. If you train with me, you'll recognize a lot of these as the core of your program. When it comes to getting results, perfecting and doing the simple exercises works best.