Daily Dose of Coach #247: Think on This - Sculpting Greatness

"Those who are satisfied with their accomplishments tend to remain as little as the things they do."

We often get the two words, content and satisfied confused. Content is a state of being, defined as a "state of peaceful happiness."  Being content is something we achieve by pursuing the best in ourselves in everything we do.

While contentment is a state of being, satisfaction is more dynamic. And for those looking to create greatness in their life, satisfaction is never accepted.

Though the two words are different, they exist within each other. We have an innate desire to improve and pursue. People who achieve the awesome s#%& are unable to quench this satisfaction. They are continually seeking improvement. It's this pursuit that gratifies.

Michelangelo, the Italian sculptor, painter, and poet is most known for his painting of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. But one of his most prominent sculptures, and often called his best work, is the statue, Moses.

A story is told that when he completed the statue some 400 years ago, he cried like a baby saying, "Why dost thou not speak!?" Michelangelo expected this statue of cold white marble to come to life. He was so mad at his perceived failure that he struck the knee of the figure with his chisel. To this day if you look close enough at the statue, you will see a dent in the knee of Moses. Though he had created a masterpiece, he wasn't satisfied, and he left a mark of frustration to prove it.

Your work is never done. Never be satisfied, only content in your constant pursuit of improvement.