Daily Dose of Coach #257: Think on This - Weekend Choices

"Following a grueling basketball practice aimed, in part, at building up players physical strength, I would advise them the following: 'All we've worked so hard in accomplishing on the court today can be torn down quickly, in a matter of minutes, if you make the wrong choices between now and tomorrow's practice." John Wooden, Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization ,

Same goes for you. All the hard work you do in the gym becomes voided out if you don't make the right choices between training sessions.

Don't ever think what you do in the gym gives you the right to make the wrong choice. It should enhance the reason to make the right one.

Not saying that you have to be perfect, but's it's almost the weekend. Remember how hard you've worked. Do your best to carry that commitment until Monday.

Have a Great Friday!