Daily Dose of Coach 265: Good Morning From Greece

Good morning everyone. Last night I arrived in Greece and posted the picture above.

Greek salads are probably one of my favorite things to partake in when visiting this beautiful country. And if you are a fan of fresh vegetables and olive oil, you can see why.

This is my third time in Greece. This time to work with two or three of the athlete's I've been blessed enough to get to train.

But, when I get a moment to myself, I like to reflect on how fortunate I am to do what I love to do and the opportunities that come with it.

I'm pretty sure I was made to do what I do from a very young age. I've never considered doing anything else. Many people tried to change my course along the way. In fact, the first mentor I had told me, "You'll never make any money in this, you might want to consider something else."

I was told when I arrived at RDV Sportsplex in 2001 that they did not train athletes there. Three years later we opened up a 7500 square foot sports performance center.

My passion was always so great, I didn't even understand why they would say those things.

My first mentor didn't understand it wasn't about the money for me; it was about making a difference. And that has never changed. When someone told me a facility like the RDV Sportsplex didn't train athletes, all I could think of is, "Why not!?!"

It's unfortunate that people can get in the way of your passions. I believe this happens more often than not. It's never an easy road to follow, but if there is something you love to do, don't give up. Don't let people who have no passion discourage you. Don't let the realists give you every reason you should go another way.

I love what baseball manager Roger Hornsby said, "People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring. "

Find a passion like that. Be so in love with it you don't even know what your critics are talking about. Keep with it, and you never know just where you might end up.