Daily Dose of Coach #268: Try this 24 Hour Rule

One of the most challenging things about leadership is maintaining a positive attitude during difficult times. But this is an essential trait of the greatest leaders I've ever known. No matter how bad it gets, they were confident in the fact that they would be able to pull through.

Author Jon Gordon summed it up when he wrote, "If you are complaining you're not leading. If you are leading, you're not complaining."

Imagine how many times we've given away our position of positive influence because we chose to complain instead of helping provide solutions for change.

At the core, this is what leaders do. They deal out hope, figure out solutions, and inspire others to act. Complaining is the easy way out. Solutions take energy and courage.

Try not complaining about anything for 24 hours. When you are about to open your mouth to whine, cry or bitch about something; stop yourself. Instead, think about it as a challenge and write down three solutions. I think you'll find your attitude and leadership will take a positive and productive turn.