Daily Dose of Coach #265: Carbs at Night

There is some false information that eating carbs, or anything else for that matter, at night, will turn into fat like Cinderella to a pumpkin.

 I hear this all the time from my clients. They say, "Should I not eat at night?"  or "At what time should I stop eating carbs?"

The answer is unless you are a physique competitor, bodybuilder, or weight class athlete, it doesn't make that much of a difference.

Not at the level it's giving you anxiety about eating some fruit and yogurt an hour before you go to bed.

Yes, a sleeve of Oreo's probably isn't the best after dinner snack if improving your body composition is the goal.

But this leads to the final point. The most important thing about improving body composition is making consistent and high-quality choices of food all day long. If you're making good decisions, you can time them whenever you want, and the improvements will follow.

If you need help on making these improvements let me know.