Daily Dose of Coach #256: Staying Fit While Traveling

I probably should have provided this information at the beginning of the summer. I know many of you have been traveling either on vacation or moving from tournament to tournament.

But, many of you still travel on a consistent basis. Use this post as a stark reminder of how to remain fit while you travel.

 It's easy to get out of your routine or make an excuse not continuing to train. If I'm honest, I just experienced this last weekend as my diet went to crap as I traveled to Ohio and I did not take advantage of my hotel gym. Bad coach.

But, whether you are on the road for business or travel, it is possible to get it done. Here are six ways on how to stay committed and get over your travel training excuses. Next time I will read this before I travel.

1.  Commit!:  This is number one. Commit to your training. Commit to continuing to be active no matter what situation you find yourself in. Make it a priority. Add it to your traveling schedule, whether it's before meetings, before the kids wake up on your vacation, or between games. Remember, just because you're in another city doesn't mean calories and no physical activity have different effects on your body.

2.  Think maintenance if you can't continue your current program:  When athletes go into their season, they spend much of their training time doing maintenance training. The goal of this is to help preserve muscle size, strength, power and endurance that they earned in their off-season training. You can do the same on the road. You don't have to train as hard as you do when you are at home, but stimulating your muscular and cardiovascular systems will help maintain what you've been working hard for in your normal training program.

3. Explore your new environment:  Today, you can map runs or walks (into safe locations) that will give you an opportunity to explore places you've never seen or experienced before as well as get some fresh air.

4.  Take advantage of your hotel gym or room : Most hotels have gyms that have dumbbells and cardio equipment. For the most part, that's all you need. If you can't get to the gym, your room serves as a great place to knock out a 30-minute bodyweight circuit. If you need help with programs for your travel you can join my app at www.coachjdh.com/trainingapp , and I'll set you up with all the workouts, you'll need for both.

5.  Research gyms or gym studios in your area : I always find it a lot of fun to visit a gym I've never been too before when traveling. You'll get a chance to see, do and experience some different programs, equipment or classes.

6. Be that girl/guy:  While everyone is waiting for you at continental breakfast, be the only one who comes in still sweating some from the workout you just put yourself through. I always found it inspiring when that guy or girl showed up to the table as I'm stuffing my face with the second Belgian waffle. Being that girl/guy says something about your discipline. And committing to this will move into all areas of your life.