Daily Dose of Coach #275: Steve Nash's Advice to Kids

Former NBA point guard Steve Nash was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame this past weekend.

Nash was a two time NBA MVP and known for being one of the most intelligent and craftiest point guards to ever play the game.

Nash's relentless work ethic and love for the game is what he attributes all of his success too. He often says, "He was never supposed to be here." Nash didn't even start playing basketball until he was 13 years old. Growing up in Canada, the sports he played as a young child were hockey and soccer.

In his Hall of Fame speech, Nash gave some advice to his four children sitting in the crowd along with the rest of the world watching. These were his words:

"For all of you kids out there, just like these four (speaking of his kids), find something you love to do. Do it every day.

Be obsessed. Balance can come later. Use your imagination.

Put pen to paper. Declare your intentions. Set small goals. Knock them off, set more goals.

Gain momentum. Build confidence. Outwork people. Play the long game.

You don't have to be the chosen one. The secret is to build the resolve and spirit to enjoy the plateaus. The times you don't feel like you're improving and you question, why are you doing this. If you are patient, the plateaus will become spring boards.

Finally, never stop striving, reaching for your goals. But the truth is, even when you get there, even when you get here standing on this stage, it's the striving, fighting, pushing yourself to the limit every day that you'll miss and you'll long for.

You'll never be more alive then when you give something everything you have."