Daily Dose of Coach #279: Think on This: Destination Vs. Champion Mindset

"The quality of a persons life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their field of endeavor." Vince Lombardi

Mia Hamm is a two-time gold medalist, world cup champion and one of the most well known professional women's soccer players to ever play the game. Below she shares some severe lessons for success and being champion.

“Let me tell you now all those lessons I’ve shared—work harder than anyone else, be a team player, celebrate your victories—will pay off whether or not you ever win a medal. Olympic or otherwise. If you go for the goal, like we do on the national team, you’ll always be reaching for a higher place. Each victory is great in and of itself, but champions are on a never-ending quest.” 

A lesson I've learned is that the difference between those with a destination mindset and a champion's mindset is the champion always continues their mission to improve.

Victories are celebrated but soon forgotten. The lessons and confidence they've earned are applied to what comes next in their life. Improvement isn't an option; it's how they continue to live.

So many times I've seen people work hard for a short amount of time and achieve an impressive goal. However, after the goal is achieved, those lessons and confidence are not transferred to anything else in their life. They go back to the same comfort mindset they were in before. This eventually becomes a pattern in their life. They binge and retreat, binge, and retreat.  

For the champion's mindset, achievement is never a destination. Improvement and an attitude of persistence, determination, desire to be the best and willingness to act on it with a tenacious will are what separates them from everyone else.