Daily Dose of Coach #271: Getting Back on Track

It's much easier to fall off the wagon than get back on it. Especially when dealing with nutrition.

And personally, nutrition is much more of a fall-off, get-back-on experience than one smooth ride. I'm sure you can relate.

Once I feel I'm off, meaning I don't think twice about eating ice cream every night, or have no conscious about what I'm putting into my body, I remind myself of the "one thing" rule.

The one thing rule is, choosing one thing to change for the week. It could be replacing ice cream with Greek Yogurt and fruit. It could be drinking 16oz of water when I wake up. It could be adding one portion of vegetables to lunch and dinner. It could be going back to my breakfast smoothie, rather than just grabbing something when I run out the door.

Have you fallen off the wagon? Don't let the thought of having to re-engineer your diet stress you out. Just choose one thing.

As you practice this small habit, you'll notice as you improve, other areas of your nutrition will start to correct as well.

What's the one thing you can change this week?