Daily Dose of Coach #290: Tracking Your Habits

Yesterday, I wrote about the process of improving oneself through daily practice ( Every..Single..Day post ).

In it, I wrote that I would share with you something I use to help hold myself accountable.

In the past, I've written out my personal and professional development growth plan. I've stayed decently consistent, but found it easy to fall off.

I started researching apps that could help me and came across Strides: Goal and Habit Tracker.

This app allows you track habits you want to form daily. Every time you complete one you check it off for the day, and it keeps your streaks. As a competitive persona who likes to track everything, it works well for me.

The key is starting small. It has to be something that you can commit to every day. Most of my daily habits take at most, 30-minutes. Here's a breakdown of the five I started with:

-30 minutes of reading/reflecting/capturing personal and professional growth material (personal and professional growth)

-Read/reflect one chapter in the Bible a day. (spiritual growth)

-Write one entry in my Daily Dose of Coach (I send them out Mon-Fri), but will write them daily to keep up the practice.

-Track my food using My Fitness Pal (Health)

-Do 200 Push Ups a Day (Just because)

I plan on adding one more 30 minute goal of completing a task on whatever project I'm working on.

Though this doesn't seem like much, the continual investment in these things will compound significantly over time positively effecting myself, my family and my business.

As these habits become automatic, I plan on adding more. At least 10 I can check off daily.

What are your goals? What daily habits do you need to commit to accomplish these goals?

Keep it simple, start with one, and build on it from there.