Daily Dose of Coach #291: Coming Up Short is a Habit


You may or may not have seen this picture on social media. It portrays the small differences between winning and losing.

As his other teammates are touching the line with their foot and changing directions, the young man closest to us is about 8 inches short.

When I see my young athletes short drills like this, all things come to a halt. I quickly let them know that if you short these drills, you'll short everything you do in life.

Boxing champion Joe Frazier said, "You can map out a fight plan or a life plan. But when the action starts you're down to your reflexes. That's where your road work shows. If you cheated on that in the dark of the morning, you're going to get found out under the bright lights."

How you do one thing is how you do everything. And it's one thing if you short yourself, but every time this happens in a team setting, you short your entire team as well.

Coming up short is a habit. But so is doing everything right, no matter how hard it is, no matter how bad it hurts.

Start making doing everything right your greatest habit. Be known for it. There aren't too many character values that can top it.