Daily Dose of Coach #293: When Consistency Isn't Required

It's easy to show up when you have too.

This pertains to practice, class, work, games, and things of that nature. Not showing up to these events usually brings consequences. Consistency is built into these models. Showing up and putting forth a good effort is supposed to create improvement (but we know that's not always the case).

But, the greatest results are in the area's where consistency isn't required. There are no direct consequences for not showing up. If done on a consistent basis, these contribute most to our improvement.

These spaces include things like practicing on your own, going to the gym, extra work done outside of involuntary practice, reading and studying, planning, building relationships, church, etc.

In Steven Covey's 4 Quadrants of Time Management, these activities fall into Not Urgent but Important Category. They are activities we know we need to do but seldom get done. They're not pressing. They're not on a timeline. They don't have immediate, impactful results.

However, this is the quadrant the most highly productive people focus on the most.

Consistency is tough to compete against. Especially when you are consistently doing those things that aren't required.

Stop thinking showing up to what you have to is good enough. Prioritize, schedule and do the extra work.