Daily Dose of Coach #297: Hire an Athlete

I have been fortunate to work for and have a lot of great people work for me. Many of these people (especially the ones I've hired) have played a sport through college.

I look for this is because I recognized the influence playing a sport at a high level has on being a great employee and teammate.

There's huge value in the lessons you learn in being an athlete, especially in team sports. And even in today's society where the individual athlete gets much more praise because of social media, these deep beliefs learned in success, failure, teamwork, and personal sacrifice are unmatched.

If you're an athlete, recognize this opportunity as a time to develop your leadership skills, lead by example, work ethic, and putting your team first.

If you are a parent, put your child in the best possible situation to help learn these lessons through sports. That means finding great programs and coaches whose primary concern is in developing great kids over winning at all costs.

Athletes who come out of great programs are great adults and usually productive hires. They are used to working under pressure. They learn that extra effort and doing work outside of normal hours improves themselves and their company. They've persevered through losses and defeat. They learn to handle success with dignity and humility. They understand personal sacrifice is many times the best way for the team to succeed. They grasp that they must be great at following before they can lead.

These are strong reasons to keep your kids involved in sports as long as possible and invaluable reasons to hire athletes.