Daily Dose of Coach #299: Average Inpires No One

When was the last time something average inspired you?

Average is common place.

Average is meeting the standard.

Average is showing up to practice, working hard, doing what the coach says, and going home to never think about your sport again.

Average is showing up to work on time, doing your job, doing what the boss says, clocking out right when the shift is over, and leaving to never think about your job until you clock in the next day.

There is honor in average. There is honor in showing up. Doing what you are supposed to do is respectable.

But, it's also boring.

Average doesn't inspire anyone.

I'm always inspired by that crazy person who decided they were going to take something ten steps further.

Their passion to achieve and willingness to win outweighs any reality that exists.

Their desire pushes them through the pain of sacrifice and the suffering of discipline to do whatever they have to do.

They make me believe I can do it too.

They may not set out to inspire, but they do set out to be great. And as the saying goes, "greatness is not what we accomplish, but what we inspire others to do."