Daily Dose of Coach #287: How's Your 2019 Going?

In my first gym, I created this mission statement, made into a poster, and put on the wall.

To instill in you, unwavering confidence.

To deliver in you, energy -- the result of highly trained, efficient, and powerful movement

To provide for you, adversity -- through controlled affliction

So you may enter your world with humility -- passionate and tenacious in challenge, accepting of change.

In this, you will inspire others to join you in becoming the best we, we can all possibly be.

Change starts with seeing yourself for who you indeed are. No sugar coating. If you're overweight call it out, own it. If you're not working hard enough to play for the college you want to play for, stop lying to yourself. If you hate getting up every day to drag yourself to work, have a serious conversation as of why you keep doing this.

I have always loved training as a way to teach values like grit and perseverance. By no means do I think you can make someone "mentally tough." But training is about defeating comfort. Entering this realm of discomfort will always introduce you to your real values and character.

Rather than just being an ahole and using my authority to make someone throw up, I prefer to use training as an avenue to build confidence, energy, belief, and perseverance that you can get through things that really suck.

I guarantee that 2019 will bring you some serious challenges. But that's life. It's much smarter to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for failures and trouble than for comfort and success.

The new year is a great time to have a serious conversation with yourself. It doesn't have anything to do with resolutions. It's merely a good time to reflect and ask yourself tough questions. Questions that can elicit change.

Questions like, "What am I sick of being?" "What am I training for this year?" "What am I going to do this year that I've always felt was impossible?"

In this quest and commitment, you'll not only change your life but more than likely inspire others who need it as well.