Daily Dose of Caoch #289: Every...Single...Day

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity for a great coaching moment for my children. My kids being 11, 9 and 7 were all shooting baskets, competing with one another on how many shots they would make before we left the gym.

As we were packing up to go, my 9-year-old daughter was crying. She was mad that her sister and brother had made more shots. She said she didn't think she was good and didn't want to play anymore.

On the car ride home I started asking them these questions

"How often do you think Steph Curry shoots a basketball?" Then I before they would answer I would say, EVERY...SINGLE...DAY.

I asked my son, "How often do you think Peyton Manning threw a football? I answered with, EVERY...SINGLE...DAY.

Then I told them whatever they wanted to be great at; they had to work on it, you guessed it, EVERY...SINGLE...DAY.

By the end of the car ride, they started chanting my answer with every question I asked.

I once read, "The secret to success is found in our daily agenda. If you continually invest in your development, letting your practice compound, the inevitable result is growth over time. What can you see when you look at a person's agenda? Priorities, passions, abilities, relationships, attitude, personal disciplines, vision, and influence. See what a person is doing every day, day after day, and you'll know who that person is and what he or she is becoming."

No one becomes great at anything overnight. Great athletes are made in the process of years and years of training and honing their skills. Physiques are built one day at a time. Losing and keeping 50 pounds off only happens if you keep showing up to the fight, EVERY...SINGLE...DAY.

What's your daily agenda look like? Are your actions matching your goals?

Tomorrow I'll share with you how I started trying to hold myself more accountable for starting the new year.