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Energy and Confidence

Coach JDH has been a student of the science of health and human performance for almost two decades now.  His experience, wisdom, successes and failures have lead him to believe that the combination of two things are displayed in highest level performances:  energy and confidence.

Blending the science of training and developing an enduring and competitive spirit are the drivers behind his coaching and training.

He believes that first the body must move well.  This means that the body should move first freely and efficiently through the basic human movements.  Only then can these movements be trained to create strength, sustained and powerful movements that improve health and performance.  

The more efficient the body, the more powerful it can become.  The more powerful it can become, the more energy it can release on its opponent's, its world and the challenges that come its way. 

Committing to a life of training is also a product of discipline.  It's adversity, controlled affliction, that can provide the necessary mental and physical challenges for you to become more fearless, gracious, passionate, tenacious and inspiring to yourself and others.

In turn, the athlete, the mother, the teacher, the businessman/woman enters their world more confident, prepared and trained to persevere and take on the challenges that make up life.

Mediocrity is the enemy.  Smart, dedicated, and committed training is the answer.  No matter what arena of life you are in, Coach JDH will help you deliver the best and most excellent version of who you are.