ProCoach Online Nutrition Coaching


What is ProCoach?

ProCoach is an online, 12-month habit-based nutrition coaching program, complete with daily lessons, practices/habits, check-ins, and more. These will help you revamp your eating habits and reach your weight loss goals. Not only that but I will be personally coaching you through them as well!

Used by over 70,000 clients, the ProCoach track record and success speaks for itself!

As a ProCoach Client You Will:

Be delivered nutritional habits, lessons, and assignments daily – The amount you will learn is amazing in itself!

Have your consistency, and habit adherence monitored regularly – This keeps you accountable to results

Track your physical, mental, and behavior changes every week

Set you up for a long-term, sustainable body transformation

Who is ProCoach for?

Those committed to losing weight, improving body composition and improving their health through nutrition

Those who are busy, but have the flexibility of being coached online

Those who have tried every diet plan on the market and failed – whether you didn’t stick with it long enough to get results or went right back to old habits.

Those who want the freedom to choose what they eat without restriction

Those who are NOT looking for a quick fix and are in it for a real, life-long transformation, both physical and mental.

Those who need the support and accountability from a coach to help them through it

Those who want a sustainable approach they can work with forever

Those who want to feel FREE of the pain, struggle, doubt, and self-loathing trying to lose weight can provide

Who is ProCoach NOT for?

Those who want a quick fix, crash diets, or to be told exactly what to eat (we don’t do this because it’s not sustainable)

Those who are interested overusing supplements to fuel weight loss

Those who are not in this for the long haul or who are questioning if they’re ready or thoroughly committed to the process

Those who are seeking multiple solutions (i.e.: trying to follow ProCoach combined with another weight loss program)

Those who will make excuses about not having time – the habits take minimal time daily to implement

How Does ProCoach work?

Once you become a client, I'll help lead you through a habit changing curriculum that looks like the following:

-Each day: You log into your personal home page, get a nutrition lesson to read and habit to practice.

-Every week: You measure and record your progress.  This can be body measurements or another indicator such as energy levels or adherence to your exercise routine.

-Every two weeks: You get a new habit to try and practice.

-Every month: You upload a photo as part of your progress tracking (of course this is always optional, or you can keep pictures for yourself).

As you can see this program is for those people who REALLY, REALLY want to make some BIG differences with regards to how nutrition improves their health and body composition.  Its success rate is so high because of not just the process but having myself as a coach to support you through it.

If you want, check out this video that shows some of the many success stories from ProCoach users:

What is the price for ProCoach Nutrition Coaching?

For just $99 a month you will get the full ProCoach Coaching program as well as me as you coach!

If you are currently one of my online or in-person clients, you can add this service for only $69 per month.
How do I get started?

1. Just select the "Get Started" button below.

2. Put your information in, and I will receive an email that you're interested in the coaching program.

3. You can use the text box to ask any questions you have regarding the program

4. Once you decide to move forward, I'll send you the PayPal link to sign up.

4. Once payment is complete,  you'll receive the client invite, and you're coaching will begin!

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