Personal coaching and sports performance training at one ew

My personalized coaching system has been responsible for major results in performance, body fat and weight loss, strength and power endurance over the past 10 years.  The goal of this system is to develop efficient, affordable high quality personalized training at a value price. The program consists of 4 different levels of training from beginner to competitive athlete.  All programs are designed in a progressive manner and get you the results you desire. 

Personalized coaching starts you from exactly where you are.  This is done by beginning with an assessment to discuss goals, training history, injury history, as well as assess body composition, structural, and performance measures. 

This tried and true system is responsible for years of amazing results and satisfied customers.  The personalized coaching membership at OneEW includes the following:

  • Personalized Assessment and Training Plan
  • 8-16 Scheduled Personalized Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Classes at All OneEW locations.

To get started in personal coaching for only $99 for the first month SIGN UP HERE. If you have any other questions you can contact via email or my cell phone 321-356-7731. 


This is a online training and nutrition platform of delivering my expertise in performance, training and nutrition that's easy to use anywhere you live or train.   

Delivered all through an app on your phone or tablet, I can gather all the information I need to design an individualized fitness, performance and nutrition program including:

  • Customized online training programs (muscle gain, weight loss, heath, sports specific, speed, power, etc)
  • Ability to track stats and workouts
  • Individualized 7-day meal plan that changes as your goals, body composition and/or seasons change
  • Real time in-app messaging
  • Workouts containing instructional videos
  • Accountability and following your daily progress
  • Connects to your fitness apps and devices such as myfitness pal and FitBit, for greater tracking and accountability.
  • Weekly and daily motivation to keep attacking and pushing through your goals.
  • 24/7 Access through email. 
  • 1 Coaching call or Facetime each month to discuss your progress, questions, concerns or anything else.
  • Daily coaching and motivation to help you stay on-track and moving toward your goals!

Start by going to my online training site at and select "Become a Client.  Then select the button below to use your Paypal to get started. 

speaking and consulting

Coach Jeff Higuera's almost two decades of experience in elite performance has given him wisdom and knowledge to spread to all different types of sports and businesses.  If you are interested in having Coach Higuera come to you facility, business or outing to speak on areas of leadership, motivation, performance, training or learning his systems of training success contact him via email at

Recent Presentations Coach Higuera has shared are:

  • Unleashing You:  6 Ways to Change Your Mindset on Health and Success (30 minute presentation for businesses)
  • The Art of Small Group Personal Coaching: How Today's Personal Trainer Can Maximize Their Time and Money! (45 minute presentation for trainers and training businesses)
  • Developing Rotational Power (45 minute presentation for baseball athletes, coaches, parents and trainers)