CoachJDH Online Test Drive and Accountability Path

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I'm looking for a few serious people to take advantage of this offer

The Coach JDH Online Test Drive and Accountability Path is joining both my Online Training App and ProCoach Online Nutrition CoachingFor the first month, you'll be able to test drive both for only $69 (regularly $179/month for both).  After that month, you can keep going for only $99/month if you can stay on the accountability path.

Why the test drive?

I've been doing online coaching for over a year now. I've learned it's not for everyone. Some people need a place to show up and meet with a trainer.  Some people don't have the motivation to push themselves. Some people have a hard time integrating technology with fitness. And some people just don't like the accountability that comes with checking in, tracking their workouts and reading short lessons on nutrition.

That's okay!

The Coach JDH Test Drive and Accountability Path isn't for them. So if that person happens to be you, no need to keep reading.

I wanted to design something that could impact those of you who:

1. Have the motivation to get to a gym, but don't like to waste their time thinking of what to do.

2. Need guidance on the best types of workouts to achieve their goals and willing to check in and track their progress.

3. Can dedicate 10-15 minutes a day reading and completing a nutrition lesson.

4. Will do their best in putting that nutrition and habit into action.

5. Want to achieve their training goals and willing to be accountable.

Here's how the test drive and accountability path works:

After you complete the consultation form, we get on the phone and discuss your program.  You'll be responsible for completing the following for the first month (the program will always start the Monday following your first payment date).

1. Check-in to, complete and track eight workouts using the training app:

Most of the time I schedule 12 to 16 workouts per week. You can also get credit for tracking and checking in to cardio workouts that are in 20 minutes or more.





2. Complete Each Daily Nutrition Lessons with ProCoach:

Each day you will be emailed a daily nutrition habit to complete.  These lessons typically take 10-15 minutes to complete at most and something you work on throughout the day.  You will be assigned one new habit every two weeks. If you miss a day, you can always go back and complete it the following day.  Just remember, at the end of the month, all lessons must be complete.



3.  Every week record and measure your progress:

Each week you'll be asked to for measurements.  To stay on the accountability path, only tracking your weekly weight is required. You can also record your circumference measurements (neck, shoulders, chest, upper arm, waist, hip, thigh, and calf). Measurements are easily recorded in the ProCoach software. All you'll need is a scale and/or a cloth tape measure.  Pick a day. Usually, Thursday's are good weigh-in days because it's not Monday:).



4. Every month upload your progress photos:


ProCoach software makes uploading progress photos easy.  And, when it comes to accountability, pictures seem to supply that extra motivation. Especially when you start to witness the changes!

No need to worry, these photos will be kept private and not used without consent. Your privacy is my primary concern.

One cool thing about this software is that it tracks all your progress and keeps an awesome looking journal.  Click the picture to get a closer view of what all of that entails.

Photos should done in the first week you start. Then moving forward, the first week of every month after that.


If you decide this isn't for you, no problem. You can cancel anytime before your next month begins.

If you do choose to continue, you'll jump onto the accountability path where your adherence determines your monthly payment.


After the first month, the price for both the training app and nutrition coaching is only $99 (regularly $179).

The price will stay at only $99/month for the next 11 months as long as you continue to complete each of the four tasks above, monthly.

If there is a month that you do not complete all the tasks, your monthly payment will increase $20 (with a max at $179/mon).

If you complete all the tasks after going up, your monthly payment will drop $20 (at a minimum of $99/mon).
You will never pay more than $179 per month or less than $99 per month.  It's merely you doing the work that will keep the price at the lower end.

And as with all my services, if ever you decide it's not working out for you, you can cancel at any time.

the breakdown of exactly what you'll be getting for $69 in your first month.

1. A 30-minute phone or skype consultation discussing your health and exercise history, goals, the type of facilities you have to workout in, etc. This helps me to get to know you better, establish rapport, expectations and get a better understanding of your training situation.

2. My online training app (suitable for both Apple and Android) that includes customized online training programs (muscle gain, weight loss, sports specific, speed, power, etc.), ability to track stats and workouts, real-time in-app messaging, exercises containing instructional videos.

3.  ProCoach Nutrition Software.  A 12-month nutrition training curriculum focused on developing healthy nutritional habits.  And myself as your coach to guide you through it.

4. 24-7 access to me through email and the in-app messenger for any questions or concerns you might have.

5.  A real plan, made by a real coach, especially for you with the goal of getting the results.

6. Most importantly, Accountability.


Get started now by selecting the button and paying with PayPal.  Once I receive the payment, I'll email you the client invites for both the app and nutrition coaching!


or, if you're interested or would like more information,  please fill out the form below and I'll contact you right away!

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“I began working out with Jeff about two years ago and within a week of doing his program I was hooked! I was seeing more results in that one week that I had seen in months of doing other programs or workout fads you find all over the Internet. When he began his personal online training program I knew I had to try it out! It is super personalized to your schedule, the results you want, and what equipment you have available to you. As an NBA dancer with multiple jobs and being a full time student it’s hard to find time to squeeze workouts in and is sometimes hard to find the motivation to get them in but with a schedule he created that revolves around my life and with a coach (Jeff) that is constantly checking in to ask why you haven’t completed a workout yet for the day it is very hard to not be motivated! I swear by this program now and am the happiest I have ever been with my body and have more confidence than ever when I run out onto the basketball court! Couldn’t recommend this more and it is great for anyone with any schedule and for anyone that wants their own specific body results not the same ones as everyone in the gym around you!”
— Cierra Pizzuti, NBA Dancer
After a month of using Jeff’s training App I lost 7lbs! I love how user friendly the app is and every exercise has a video linked to it so I always know how to properly execute my workouts. I need to be pushed with my workouts and this program does that at an affordable price. Even though I don’t have a trainer “in-person,” that accountability factor is still there because you have to check in with each workout. Jeff is also there 24/7 with any questions or motivational words I may need!
— Brittany Ziobro, Teacher and Coach