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Coach Jeff Higuera has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s top trainers and is known for the engineering programs that produce maximal results. These results include a long list of high-performing athletes, including MLB All-Stars, World Series Champions, NFL pro-bowlers, Superbowl Champions, NBA Stars and NBA World Champions.

Jeff graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Northern Colorado, where he also played college basketball. Coach Jeff Higuera is a lifetime student of the science and psychology of elite performance. He has been featured as an author on strength and conditioning websites, been featured in various national TV programs and continues to help re-shape and re-define the fitness and performance industry through his passion and creativity.

Since the age of twenty-two, Jeff has been presenting on performance topics at the local and national level. He is currently one of the elite group of fitness individuals who makes up the SPRI Master Trainers, and currently holds the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist Certification as well as the Functional Movement Screen.

Jeff currently resides in Orlando, Florida with his wife and five children.