Coach JDH made me an absolute BEAST
— Brian Dawkins, NFL, Pro-bowler
Training with Coach JDH has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career.
— Dee Gordon, MLB Player
Going on 9 years with CoachJHD and there is no one I would rather have pushing me to be my best everyday in the off-season. No one better!!
— Drew Butera, MLB Player
I’ve been with Coach Jeff through all phases of my basketball career; high school, college and professional. He’s pushed me to maximize my physical potential and continues to do so.
— Nick Calathes, Professional Basketball Player
“Coach Jeff Higuera’s training platform has set our athletes up for success on the court. Not only have they become quicker, faster and stronger with the daily workout routines, but they’ve also build knowledge about their bodies, functional movement, explosive movements and recovery. We are huge advocates of Jeff’s training system, as his experience and result with all of the players we work with have been exceptional and incomparable. Look at his resume of athletes. There are big time reasons why this guy has the reputation he does. He gets the job done by over achieving and providing more than expected.”
— Gerrod Trytten, Over of TNT Elite Hoops and Online Training Parter
“I began working out with Jeff about two years ago and within a week of doing his program I was hooked! I was seeing more results in that one week that I had seen in months of doing other programs or workout fads you find all over the Internet. When he began his personal online training program I knew I had to try it out! It is super personalized to your schedule, the results you want, and what equipment you have available to you. As an NBA dancer with multiple jobs and being a full time student it’s hard to find time to squeeze workouts in and is sometimes hard to find the motivation to get them in but with a schedule he created that revolves around my life and with a coach (Jeff) that is constantly checking in to ask why you haven’t completed a workout yet for the day it is very hard to not be motivated! I swear by this program now and am the happiest I have ever been with my body and have more confidence than ever when I run out onto the basketball court! Couldn’t recommend this more and it is great for anyone with any schedule and for anyone that wants their own specific body results not the same ones as everyone in the gym around you!”
— Cierra Pizzuti, NBA Dancer
Jeff has been my personal trainer for several months and I am thrilled to be able to work with him. I have had trainers before but none of them were as invested in my success as Jeff is. When I started I told Jeff my two goals: get my back stronger to improve an injury, and be stronger overall to improve and deepen my yoga practice. Jeff has helped me enormously with both. He carefully puts together my individual workouts that have made me stronger and more stable. I am more able to work toward the ‘asanas’ I want to achieve and to control the ones I already enjoy. I have made great strides under Jeff’s knowledgeable instruction and I couldn’t be happier. Fitness and self-improvement are a lifetime journey and I am thankful to have Jeff to help me along the way!
— Stephanie Henley, Principal of Beasley & Henley Interior Design
After a month of using Jeff’s training App I lost 7lbs! I love how user friendly the app is and every exercise has a video linked to it so I always know how to properly execute my workouts. I need to be pushed with my workouts and this program does that at an affordable price. Even though I don’t have a trainer “in-person,” that accountability factor is still there because you have to check in with each workout. Jeff is also there 24/7 with any questions or motivational words I may need!
— Brittany Ziobro, Teacher and Coach at Lake Howell High School
Jeff is great – low key, experienced and really knowledgeable. He’s not just “playing” at this – it’s his passion and his career. He listens too – and adjusts as needed, as desired. I’ve lost the weight – mostly due to the diet, because as Jeff will tell you, weight is at least 80% diet, and exercise can only do so much. But I’ve gained muscle, definition, and now when I look in the mirror, I am no longer ashamed of my appearance and for the first time since I was a teenager, I am proud of how I look without a shirt on! I’m no “body builder” bulging all over, but I look pretty good, and that’s plenty good enough.

So now the challenge is to persevere. I trust Jeff to guide me there, and his support and program will be invaluable training tools to succeed in the future.
— J. Scott Murphy, Esq. Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer